Arjun Bijlani on the bias against TV actors: Even fashion designers prefer dressing up a Bollywood newcomer over TV stars


Many have expressed displeasure over the common belief that actors from the TV industry are looked down upon by not just Bollywood but showbiz in general. Expressing his view on the same, actor Arjun Bijlani insists that it’s an individual’s talent that defines a person, and not what medium they’re a part of.

“I feel that’s the general sentiment. Even fashion designers prefer dressing up a newcomer in Bollywood over popular TV actors. There are constant comparisons, and the perception is that Bollywood actors are superior. Even in online quizzes, where they ask you to choose your favourite actor, you’re mostly given options of film actors and not TV stars unless it’s a TV related thing. For big brands too, TV actors aren’t the first choice. Even in reality shows on TV, I see film actors at times are given preference over TV actors,” says Bijlani.

The actor feels that it’s high time such lines are blurred and divisions diminish.

Explaining his point, he adds, “Your preferences can be different but mediums can’t change your perception. A good actor performs equally well everywhere on any platform. Along with the system, the audiences’ perspective also needs to change.”


Like many others, Bijlani has also been fighting for justice for Sushant Singh Singh and is seeking truth behind his friend’s sudden demise, and he’s hopeful that the collective efforts won’t get wasted.

“Like everyone else I’m also waiting for the investigation to get over. Whether it was a suicide or a murder, I want to know what led to this tragedy. But I don’t want to jump to any conclusion. I don’t believe in conjectures or assumptions and have faith in the judicial system. There’s too much negativity right now, and the focus, at times, seems to be shifting,” shares the actor.

On the work front, Bijlani recently shot for a music video and while he’s considering taking up something interesting on TV, he’s cautious given that positive Covid cases that have been reported on the sets.

“Whenever I start shooting, I might stay somewhere near the set and not come back home to my family on a daily basis. We’re in a state of dilemma right now. We want to sit at home to avoid exposure to the virus, but at the same time we need to earn and work together to get the economy up and running,” he shares.

Apart from small screen, the actor — whose web show released earlier this year — is also looking for more offers on the OTT, and has been approached for films, too.

“The more the merrier. There are no boundaries for an actor. I feel now things are going to get better. With biases being highlighted and discussed upon, things will open up for everyone. A lot of these new age directors and corporates will now introspect and reconsider the way forward,” he concludes.

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