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Denise Welch returns to social media after Piers Morgan spat


Denise Welch has returned to social media after a spat with Piers Morgan drove her offline.

The Loose Women panelist, 62, took to her Instagram account on Monday afternoon to share a video of herself talking about the rise in coronavirus cases, the subject that caused the row initially.

She had quit Twitter and Instagram after scrapping with Piers, who called her a “dumb, deluded and dangerous Covid-denier” and accused her of trying to downplay the deadly bug.

In her video, Denise said she had been listening to the radio and heard a host say that the rise in coronavirus cases had been the worst since the virus begun.

Denise Welch has returned to social media after a spat with Piers Morgan drove her offline

She added that scientists had said there will be “dire consequences” if people don’t follow the rules and restrictions, which as of Monday include a ban on socialising in groups of more than six people.

Denise said: “I just thought that leads to heart palpitation, anxiety-inducing trauma.

“Wouldn’t it be better to say ‘There is no doubt in the UK more positive tests are being found, therefore we are seeing a rise in hospital admissions.

Piers called her a ‘dumb, deluded and dangerous Covid-denier’

“‘At the moment the death count in the UK is still very, very low.

“‘So if we all look after ourselves, look after our families, and that’s physically and mentally, we can capitalise on how far we’ve come.

“‘So come on guys buckle up and take care, socially distance if you have to, don’t meet in groups of too many people but when you are out as long as you’re abiding by these rules and take care, you can still enjoy yourselves, look after your mental health as well.'”

She hit out at the recent reports that coronavirus cases are rising in the UK

Denise quit social media in a tearful video posted earlier this month

Denise had tearfully quit social media after the backlash against her views about coronavirus.

Her ex-husband Tim Healy sent her a message of support on Twitter, quoting a lyric from their son Matty’s band The 1975.

He told her: “Don’t worry darlin the sun will shine through.”


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