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Lucy Mecklenburgh explains how she lost four stone to get pre-baby body back


New mum Lucy Mecklenburgh has detailed exactly how she lost four stone to get her astonishing post-baby body.

The former TOWIE star has already showcased her trim figure in a swimsuit less than half a year after giving birth.

It’s been six months since she welcomed baby Roman with her fiancé Ryan Thomas.

In that time, she has managed to shift an astonishing four stone – and fans are desperate to know her big secrets.

Fitness guru Lucy, 29, says there is no quick fix to getting back in shape after having a child.

She posted a lengthy message on Instagram telling fans how she did it – insisting mums should not to put pressure on themselves to lose weight fast.

Lucy has spilled the beans on her amazing weight loss

Lucy wrote: “I’ve had soooo many DM’s asking what pregnancy diet I’ve been on, what extreme exercise plan I’ve followed.

“Basically what’s the magic pill that helped me lose the 4 stone pregnancy weight.

“Sorry to tell u but there’s no magic pill, no fad diet and no quick fix.

“I’ve been a little quiet about my postpartum journey in general, pregnancy weight gain, postnatal exercise regime, my new body shape & postpartum weight loss.”

She added: “Roman’s 6 months old and to be honest I had this image in my head of being back to regular exercise and healthy eating in 6 weeks after my all clear from the doctor.

She welcomed adorable Roman six months ago

“Let’s just say it wasn’t quite like that. Biscuits & coffee for breakfast, lunch & dinner some days!

“If I got 1 hour to myself I would nap not do burpees haha.

“Ryan made sure I ate at least one balanced meal a day piled high with veggies!! And he always made me pints of water or cordial while I was breast feeding.

“I tried to fight it and attempted exercise but I just had no energy & wasn’t ready to workout yet.

“So decided to 100% focus on looking after Roman, feeding him & getting those essential power naps. I wanted absolutely no pressure to ‘bounce back!’

“3 months pp I started doing @resultswithbump stretches and short workouts around 2-3x a week & daily walks with the pram which during lockdown kept me sane. Fresh air, light exercise and new scenery.

Dad Ryan is very proud of what she has achieved

“My advice to new mamas is every journey is unique like every body & baby is unique. Don’t put any pressure on yourself!”

Lucy said it was crucial not to put added pressure on yourself to look good.

“6 months in I’m still not sticking to regular exercise and eating a perfect healthy balanced diet but so what!! I workout when I feel up to it and don’t feel guilty if I don’t!

“My fav workouts to follow on @rwl right now are postnatal Pilates with Amy, stretches with Rachel,fight klub & I love the LIVE insta classes when little man is napping.

“I have a whole new respect and appreciation for my body.”


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