Dalip Tahil: Before Kangana Ranaut passes personal judgement on her colleagues, she should also get a drug test done


Adding to the ongoing debates around nepotism that resurfaced after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, is the discussion around substance abuse in Bollywood, which has stirred up a storm. Recently, actor Kangana Ranaut alleged that 99% of Bollywood is into drugs. Sharing his views on this whole expose, ctor Dalip Tahil, who has been a part of the industry for almost five decades, says that drugs are a menace across professions, genders and sadly age groups as well.

“It’s a malaise that has engulfed our lives. So you can’t just point fingers at Bollywood. What started to get justice for the tragic death of an actor is turning into a circus,” he rues.

Not denying that there are drug links to Bollywood, the 67-year-old says, “The film industry represents a microcosm of what’s happening in the world. What’s this big expose that Bollywood does drugs? Trying to understand what’s Kangana’s motivation behind these allegations? She’s a self-made top grade actor. She succeeded in this film industry despite the challenges that a woman has to face. Kangana is, in fact, the epitome of the opportunities that exit for everyone in the film industry. But now her statements are getting delusional. Once or twice she made her point, but now it seems scripted,” he says.


Reacting to Ranaut’s tweet asking actors Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal and director Ayan Mukerji “to give their blood samples for drug test”, Tahil adds, “Before she passing personal judgement on her colleagues, she should also get tested herself. There’s much more happening in big businesses, media, where people are being manipulated, exploited and even dispensed off. Let’s talk about that as well?”

The senior actor says these drug dealers function wherever they can get money from. And Bollywood is one place has that kind of lure.

“There’s much happening outside of the showbiz world. These rave parties that are being spoken about are sponsored by big business houses. One should explore if any Bollywood person is sponsoring such parties. These drug dealers have all contacts. Let’s then also talk about the nexus of pharmaceutical companies that are involved in such things,” he explains.

Blaming Bollywood might get eyeballs and TRPs, feels the actor, but then it won’t help the larger subject of mental health, which is a result of anxiety and depression.

“What’s insider and outsider? You might get your first work because of your connections; rest is in your hands. If your film doesn’t work them no one will make more films with you. And we’ve many examples to prove that. More than all these, focus should be on mental health. That’s plaguing the world. The pressure that’s on the young people in every walk of life is affecting their mental sanity. That should be looked at as a social problem. Stigmas around mental health should be addressed. So let’s look at the big picture and not just bash Bollywood and throw it under the bus.” he concludes.

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