US Open 2020: Andy Roddick slams Kristina Mladenovic for ‘prisoners’ comment on Grand Slam protocol


Former US Open champion Andy Roddick has hit out at the French tennis player Kristina Mladenovic for criticising the safety protocol to be followed by players at the Flushing Meadows.

Speaking after her second round loss to the press, Kristina Mladenovic had said, “I have only one desire, and that’s to get my freedom back and even that we don’t have yet.”

Mladenovic is one of seven players who came into close contact with Benoit Paire before he tested positive for coronavirus and is under elevated restrictions.

Slamming the requirement that the affected players stay in isolation other than for practice or competition, she said, “It’s like we are prisoners, or criminals.

“For even the slightest movement, we have to ask permission even though we are tested every day and had 37 negatives. It’s abominable. The conditions are atrocious.”

Prisoners don’t get to play for prize money, says Roddick

Andy Roddick, a former World No. 1 did not take well to Mladenovic’s comments. On Twitter, he said, “Prisoners/criminals don’t get a chance to play sport/2nd rounds for 6 figures in prize money.

“Safety protocols are the only reason there’s the chance for players/fans to enjoy the Open. Unfortunately perspective is seriously lacking w this take (sic).”

He also hit out at other players who have criticised the many restrictions that have been imposed on the players due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to the Frenchman Benoit Paire, who had tested positive just a few days before the US Open was to begin, and his statement calling the US Open bubble ‘fake’, Roddick said, “I’d say that the fake bubble has successfully navigated a huge international event. Hopefully Paires French Open will be as successful (sic).”

The US Open 2003 champion also did not take kindly to a comment by German player Alexander Zverev, who had criticized the lack of communication by the organizers when Paire tested positive.

“I would also say that Zverev (who I’m a fan of) should be one of the last to throw stones at the way people make their way during Covid,” Andy Roddick said.

This was most likely a reference to the number of controversies that Zverev got in over the last few months. The German participated in the controversial Adria Tour that led to many Covid-19 cases, and was also seen attending a full-blown party right in the middle of the pandemic.


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