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‘To Catch A Beautician’ Preview: Tamar & Johnny Are Stunned By A Stylist Going Behind A Client’s Back


In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘To Catch A Beautician’ finale, Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright’s new client reveals her hairstylist made a massive change to her hair — without ever getting her approval!

Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright sit down with their latest client, Alyssa, to discuss her hair nightmare in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 24 episode of To Catch A Beautician. She reveals that she found this hairstylist Angelica after some online searching who specialized in curly hair. “I was just so nervous. I’ve never done anything to my hair,” Alyssa reveals.

She continues: “Hair has always been about personality for me. This isn’t a weave. It’s not a wig. I’ve been growing my hair ever since I was a little girl, so going to a stylist was really huge for me.”

To Catch A Beautician
Johnny Wright and Tamar Braxton on ‘To Catch A Beautician.’ (VH1)

Alyssa tells Tamar and Johnny that she showed the stylist pictures of Yara Shahidi for inspiration. Alyssa just wanted layers and her curls to really pop. She wanted them to look more like highlights. The hairstylist told Alyssa that this would be a balayage, and Alyssa didn’t know what that was.

When the hairstylist went to rinse Alyssa out in the sink, she told Alyssa that she added another color to her hair. The thing is, the hairstylist never got this approved by Alyssa. She just said it would add “great dimension.” Tamar and Johnny are stunned.

To Catch A Beautician
Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright meet their new client, Alyssa. (VH1)

Johnny wonders if the hairstylist knew she made a mistake and was just trying to cover it up. “It seems like stuff is going on,” Johnny tells Tamar. “Based on what we’ve seen, this happens all the time. Not in my salons, though.”

To Catch A Beautician follows Tamar and Johnny who come to the rescue of clients who have suffered a hair disaster in their past. The dynamic duo helps the unsatisfied customers come face-to-face with their stylists. Johnny then puts the beauticians through a tough hair boot camp to give them new skills and techniques. After the boot camp, the beauticians get a second chance to redeem themselves. The finale of To Catch A Beautician will air on Aug. 24 with back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m. on VH1.


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