Gemstone made in wrong metal is useless, It could also be harmful, know How

Gems have the amazing ability to absorb the energy of planets. Gems are also considered to be part of the planets due to their supernatural qualities. According to astrology, each gemstone is made for a particular metal only. If a gemstone is made in the wrong metal, it either does not have any effect or at times it also leaves a wrong effect.

All these metals also have their own effect, but it is said that when these metals are mixed with a particular gemstone, its effect increases even more. That is why it is advisable to wear the gemstone in a ring made of a particular metal.

There are nine planets in the solar system, gems are worn to support these planets and get their positive effect. Ratnas are also worn to strengthen the planets. Ratnas show their effect but in which metal they are being worn, this is the most important thing.

According to Ratnashastra, which metal to wear in which gemstone:

Manikya : Wearing gems of the Sun ie ruby ​​in copper or gold metal. Wearing it in copper is also very beneficial, although people prefer copper less due to the brightness and appearance of gold. Manik Ratna is very beneficial for success in career.

Panna : It is considered to be the jewel of Mercury, Panna is considered most auspicious to wear in gold metal. Wearing Panna Ratna gives the auspicious results of Mercury and the eyesight also intensifies. This gem is most helpful in providing new heights in career.

Pearls : The jewel of the moon is a pearl that brings peace to the mind and brain. Pearls should always be worn in silver metal. Pearls are never worn in gold metal. Those who get more angry should wear this gem.

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Neelam: Neelam is the jewel of Shani Dev. This gem is worn to strengthen Shani. If this gem does not suit anyone, then that person can be ruined. Wear the sapphire gem in gold or platinum metal.

Pukhraj : The jewel of the bride Pukhraj is considered to be the most immediate gemstone. This gem should be worn only in gold metal. Though expensive, people also wear this uppermost gold but it does not have such a good effect. If there is a shortage of money, you can also put it in copper.
Coral: The owner of coral is Mars, after wearing this gem, the person is believed to attain new heights everyday. Coral can be ingested in gold, silver or copper metal. Although the copper metal gives the most benefit, but people also like to wear it more in gold.

Onyx : The gemstone of Rahu is onyx, it can be worn by making it in any Ashtadhatu, silver or triloh. One of its special things is that before wearing it, some special pujas have to be done. These pujas are conducted by Pandit or astrology etc.

Garlic: Garlic is the jewel of Ketu, make it silver or octal metal, not everyone can wear it. Very few people are told about this gemstone, but wear it only when an astrologer advises it.

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According to astrology, there are many types of gems apart from the above mentioned gems. Every gemstone is worn for a particular problem or for a particular purpose. Before wearing every gem, the opinion of a knowledgeable astrologer should be obtained.

(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected results. Before adopting them, please consult the expert of the relevant field.)

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