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Shah Faisal forced to leave politics ? had talks with NSA Doval before resigning from the party, may return to IAS

Faesal, 37, who hits the headlines in 2009, when he became the first person from Kashmir to top the Indian Administrative Services exam, acknowledged that he has been in touch with officials in New Delhi, although he declined to specify details.

IAS-turned-politician Shah Faisal has decided to leave his own party. Faisal has taken this decision after talking to senior officials of the central government. Faisal had held talks with National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval before conveying his decision to his party Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM). The 37-year-old Faisal came into the limelight in 2009 when he became the first Kashmiri to top the Indian Administrative Service Examination (UPSC).

 He informed that he is in talks with the authorities in Delhi but he refused to give details. “There is a lot of speculation about what I am talking to some people in the government. I have been a member of the IAS. It is no different if I am meeting some people in the government,” he said. “I have to live and work here and it is completely normal,” he said.

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NSA has not yet commented on this. Faisal has given the impression that he can be reinstated. Faisal promised to be the voice of the youth of Kashmir. He had come a long way. His thoughts have changed now. He said “I think we need to understand that the national consensus in 1949 was about incorporating Article 370 and the national consensus of 2019 was about ending it. We have to understand the mood of the nation and the reality Have to come together. “

Cleaning up on old statements

In early 2019, Faisal announced his resignation from the IAS and became a vocal critic of the government. Special status was removed from Jammu and Kashmir in August last year, on which he tweeted, “Kashmir will require a long continuous non-violent political mass movement to restore political rights.” The abolition of Article 370 has also destroyed the mainstream. Now you can be either a puppet or a separatist. Not mixed colors. “
However, he has now deleted all his tweets. When asked about the puppet and separatist remarks, he said:” I was talking about the political gray zone in which electoral politics operated. . I said that once the gray zone is over, people will call you a puppet or a separatist. I said that I am not one of the two. “
He said: “I am a proud citizen of this country who wants to change the lives of people.

I do not recognize these labels at all.” Last year, Faisal had stated that the reasons for leaving IAS were that Kashmir was then under threat Was and he needed someone inside so they decided to ring the alarm bell there. After interacting with the top officials of the government, Faisal says that they accept the new reality. “We are face to face with a new political reality in Kashmir. Facts on the ground have changed since August 5. I want to clarify my understanding of the situation without the need to be politically correct.

Returning as an IAS,
Kashmir has suffered a lot in the past. I do not want to pay attention to the old illusions, take the Kashmiris on the path of a garden and make a career on it. I am leaving everything with humility and telling people that I cannot promise something that I cannot fulfill. “

He says that consensus is dynamic in democracy and we should not lose hope. He said that the same Parliament has given answers in the past and I am sure that the same Parliament will provide the answer in the future as well. Faisal’s resignation from IAS now. There is also pending they may be reinstated although its timeline is unclear. 

“The rules can be changed to reinstate them,” said an official. Faisal has said that he is not opposed to returning to the public administration service. He said, “I am not back from working with the government.” Public administration is my domain of expertise. I billow right there. “Officers in Delhi and Srinagar, on condition of anonymity, said,” He may be re-appointed soon, and may also be reinstated as an advisor. “

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