Palmistry : These lines of hands are a sign of a good and happy future

Sun line palmistry

In astrology, there is a detailed description on the outline. The sun line is considered very special in Palmistry. The result of the sun line emanating from different places in the hand also varies. Know the effect of sun line in life from Pt. Abhi Bharadwaj.  

-If the sun line in the hands go to the finger of Saturn instead of going towards the Sun region, such a person has to deal with unlimited difficulties. Only then does such a person get some success. Despite this, such a person is unable to enjoy the happiness and wealth gained through struggle and hard work. 

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-If the sun line starts from the lunar mountain in the hands of the person, with the help of other people, the person gets lucky. Other people are behind the success in the lives of such people. This person can be anyone. 

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– If the sun line is deep starting from Chandrakshetra and it reaches Anamika then the life of such a person is beyond comprehension. The life of such people is full of many mysteries. Many incidents in the lives of such people make their lives doubtful. There are constant changes in the lives of such people.  
-If the sun line rises from the lunar position in the hands of a person and parallels the Bhagya line, it is a sign of a good and happy future. If the mind line is also good in the hands of such people, then it is a sign of being sharp and successful. 

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-If the person’s sun line starts with the luck line then there is a continuous increase in the fortune of such person. The elevation also begins from the year in which the sun line rises in the fate line. The clearer and more beautiful this line is, the clearer the path of progress will be. Such a person is usually an artist or artist. 
(We do not claim the information given in this article that they are completely true and accurate and that the adoption of them will yield the expected results. It is presented only with the general public interest in mind.)

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