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Janmashtami 2020: A special coincidence is being made on Janmashtami on this date, this is the auspicious Chaughadiya Muhurat of worship

Preparations for the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna have intensified. However, this time due to Corona virus epidemic, there will be no big events in the temples. Janmashtami is being celebrated on both August 11 and August 12. According to Hinduism beliefs, Shri Krishna was born on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada. On the day of Janmashtami people worship fast with Bhajan-Kirtan and Vidhi-Vidhan to keep the fast to get the blessings of Lord Krishna. According to astrologers there was Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra at 12 o’clock at the time of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna.

Therefore, Janmashtami is celebrated in this constellation and date. This time on January 11, Janmashtami date will start in the morning, which will remain at 11 am on August 12, while Rohini Nakshatra will be on August 13. In such a situation, all are confused whether to worship or fast on 11 or 12. Many astrologers have told that when Janmashtami is celebrated on the day of Udaya i.e. the date when sunrise is happening. Therefore, according to astrologers, Janmashtami donations can be kept on 11 August and on 12 August, worship and fast. 

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On August 12, the auspicious time of worship is from 12: 5 minutes to 12: 47 minutes. The duration of the puja will last for 43 minutes. This time on Janmashtami, growth is becoming a coincidence, which is very good. After the festival of Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary, the sixth worship program of Bhagwana is also done with pomp. On this day the sixth of Kanha ji is celebrated and Prasad is distributed in temples.  

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