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Raksha Bandhan Recipe 2020: Make this Bengali dessert at home on Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan Recipe 2020:  

Rakshabandhan, the biggest festival of brotherhood, will be celebrated across the country on August 3. However, this time due to the eclipse of Coronavirus, the festivities are looking dull. People are avoiding buying sweets from markets. In such a situation, to make the brother’s mouth sweet in the Rakhi plate, you can make good Bengali sweets from the market at home as well. Let’s know how to make Chhena Murki.  

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Ingredients for making Chhena Murki –

250 gms – Paneer –
1 cup sugar –
1/2 cup water –
1 tbsp cardamom powder –
1 tsp rose water

Method of preparation-

To make Chhena Murki, firstly cut the cheese into small square pieces and keep it aside. Now put sugar and water in a pan on medium heat and keep the sugar syrup ready. Cook the sugar syrup until it becomes a string syrup. For this you can try it by sticking it between finger and thumb. As soon as a wire syrup is formed, put the pieces of paneer in the pan. Add cardamom powder and keep stirring constantly on a low flame until the syrup becomes thick. As soon as the syrup thickens, turn off the gas and add rose water to it. Your chenna is ready to be murki. 

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