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JASON MOMOA in his shirtless avatar, A treat for LADIES! See sexy pics

Can You Make It Through 22 Shirtless Jason Momoa Photos Without Passing Out?

Photos from Jason Momoa's Hottest Pics - E! Online

Jason Momoa is like something built in a laboratory — if there was a laboratory devoted to crafting the finest human specimens on the planet. He’s so ridiculously gorgeous that he has trouble not ripping out of his t-shirts, yet he’s also a charmingly down-to-earth family man who we’d love even if he wasn’t so beautiful. (But luckily for us, Jason is both ruggedly handsome and an extremely interesting guy, so we don’t have to choose.)

Jason Momoa Goes Shirtless in Venice With Wife Lisa Bonet: Pics

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Shirtless Jason Momoa Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Between bonding with his family and getting fit for movie roles, Jason occasionally graces social media with shirtless photos — a gesture that we don’t take lightly. We’ve rounded up some of the sexiest snaps from this collection (and a few from his film career for good measure) for your enjoyment, because . . . why not? Just try not to pass out before you get to the end.

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