The film will be made on the famous character of Raj Comics ‘Nagraj’? Owner Sanjay Gupta said this

Sanjay also told Aaj Tak that Nagraj was talked to the director Karan Johar about the film some time ago, in which there was a discussion about playing the role of Nagraj to actor Ranveer Singh.

According to Sanjay Gupta, the owner of Raj Comics, one of India’s most famous comics, a film or web series based on Raj Comics may be released by next year. Talk is going on with many production companies.

Ever since the Corona era began and people have started living in their homes, people have once again found a passion to relive their old memories. On the one hand, while people like watching old serials on Doordarshan, many people have also re-read the comics related to their childhood memories and if we talk about Hindi comics, the first name comes in it Raj Comics. From cities to villages, there are millions of people whose childhood is associated with memories of Raj Comics.

Talking with Aaj Tak, Raj Comics owner Sanjay Gupta said that the demand for Raj Comics has increased due to Corona and people are sending digital comics to each other nowadays. Not only this, they have hoped that by next year, a film, serial or web series based on Raj Comics can also be released.

Sanjay Gupta told us- ‘First we had to approach the production house and there was a time when together with actor Mukesh Khanna’s production house Bhishma International we made some episodes based on our comics but some others Due to reasons, that serial could not be released on TV. But the good thing is that now the production houses themselves approach us. According to Sanjay Gupta, there is talk about Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom film and Karan Johar to make a film too. Apart from this, many channels and production houses are also approaching them.

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When we asked Sanjay Gupta, which of the many superheroes of Raj Comics would the hero be able to see in the first live avatar, he said that at the moment most hope is of Doga but we do not deny the character of Nagraj Can because the biggest superhero of all time has been Nagraj after all. So, some time ago, we were also talking to Karan Johar, in which there was a discussion about playing the role of Nagraj, actor Ranveer Singh, but at the moment it would not be right for me to speak more on this subject.

Sushant liked this character of Raj Comics

In many cases, Sanjay also told Aaj Tak, ‘Actor Sushant Singh Rajput also loved to read Raj Comics and he used to read and read Raj Comics many times.’ According to Sanjay Gupta, he once got a call from the office of Sushant Singh Rajput telling him that Sushant liked the comic character Super Commander Dhruv very much and he also wanted to play that character and on that subject he would We want to have a meeting with you too, but regret that our meeting never happened. According to Sanjay, the way Sushant Singh had the looks and look, he feels that he would have looked very good in the role of Super Commander Dhruv.

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