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Palmistry: Signs of A successful industrialist and wealth in your hand


At the root of the ring finger is the location of the sun. The higher the rise of the sun, the greater the effect. If the rise of Surya Parbat is good, clear and with simple sun line, then the person is the best administrator, policeman, successful entrepreneur. If the Sun Mountains are corrupted then the person is the culprit. If the Sun and Venus Mountains are raised, then they are rich, wealthy, philanthropist, successful administrators, beauty and luxuries, having a quick and lasting effect on the opposite sex.

If the sun is forged on the mountain, then it is proud, but it is crooked. Such a person does not believe anyone. The sign of the star causes loss, but fame is found unexpectedly. If there is a sign of multiplication, then money can be destroyed in speculative or shayer. If there is a triangle on Mount Surya, then there are benefits, prestige and administrative benefits. If there is a quartet on Mount Surya, there is profit and success everywhere.

In case of combined emergence of Mount of Sun and Mount of Mercury, ability, cleverness and decision power are more. Such a person is a great speaker, successful businessman or manager of high places. Such individuals have unlimited ambition to get money. If the mountain of Jupiter is also advanced along with the Mount of Sun in the palm, then the person is scholarly, brilliant and religious. If the mountain is high-rise and the line is cut or broken, then the person is arrogant, selfish, cruel, stingy and inconsiderate. If the Sun Mountains in the palm are inclined towards Saturn, then the person is a judge and a successful advocate.

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(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected results. Before adopting these, please consult the expert of the relevant field.)

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