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Mumbai – Adani Electricity introduces EMI payment option after criticism over inflated bills

Besides explaining the reason behind high electricity bills consumers received in Mumbai, AEML has also introduced an EMI option for paying bills.

he Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) has released a statement explaining how some conditions may have caused increased in electricity consumption after several consumers complained of high electricity bills in Mumbai.

The Adani group has also come out with several other interactive measures where one can find power consumption and easy way of payment.

The state issued by Adani Group mentioned that the lockdown has now been extended till July 31, 2020, which has resulted in continued extended hours at home. Work from home along with prevailing weather conditions has resulted in an increase in electricity consumption.

Further to clarifications issued by the state government and regulatory body, AEML announced various initiatives including interactive E-bill facilities, multiple digital payment modes, EMI facility for convenience offering to address consumer’s concerns.

Below mechanisms have been put into place at AEML for quick redressal regarding high electricity bill complaints by consumers.

AEML has released an infographic video explaining its billing procedure.

It has also been shared with over consumers via sms/email/WhatsApp for their understanding and knowledge.

Consumers can visit the website to self-check their bills in terms of accuracy of units consumed, tariff rate, tariff slab benefits available. A comparison with the corresponding period of last year is also available on the bill.

Those who use AEML’s electricity service can self-check their bills on the website by uploading their details and cross-verify the meter reading on the bill, consumption, and the amount payable leading to a speedy redressal to their queries.

According to AEML, if the current meter reading is more than the meter reading mentioned on the bill, it is correct.

The high electricity bills that are being received by the consumers contain the current reading taken, total amount payable and amendment details of March and April. Consumers can use the following link to check the bill amendment details here.

Over 25 dedicated help desks have been set up at 8 customer care centers across the city as well. Consumers can avail video call facility to speak to the customer service team on their queries.

Easy EMIs, other support measures

An EMI facility is also available at AEML website for payment through credit cards; eligible consumers preferring alternate payment modes can also avail three months EMI as per MERC supply code regulations.

AEML has also given an assurance to consumers regarding continued electricity supply.

It said no electricity connection will be disconnected over non-payment of dues until the consumer’s grievances have been redressed.

MERC has approved capital expenditure schemes for the installation of smart meters for Automated Meter Reading. AEML shall install more than 7 lakh smart meters in the coming months.

This action, will provide real-time information to the consumers on their consumption and they will get meter reading without human intervention.

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Commenting on the matter, an AEML Spokesperson said, “AEML has undertaken various measures such as virtual help desk, EMI facility as well proactive awareness initiatives to increase clarity on the billing process amongst the consumers.”

“The consumers will be receiving bills basis their actual consumption with applicable tariff slab benefits. All necessary actions have been undertaken are in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the State Government and MERC.”

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