Anamika Shukla case -revovery will be done from 117 fake teachers who were paid more than 50 crores in salary

After the disclosure of the Anamika Shukla fake teacher case, the investigation of the certificates of teachers in UP has intensified. The government has tightened the screws on teachers working in the education department by preparing fake papers. The government has ordered BSA to recover from 117 Etah teachers. It can be more than 50 crores. After getting instructions from the government, the education department has started the process. The money has been asked to be deposited within a week of the issue of the notice. If money is not deposited within the stipulated time, RC will be deducted. 

Basic Education Department Accountant Narendra Kumar Singh said that the government has received orders for recovery of Vetnadi from 117 fake teachers and teachers of the district. On completion of the assessment of recovery from teachers, notice will be issued to them. Notice will be issued twice to fake teachers. RC will be issued after the money is deposited. He told that this entire process has to be completed from the level of Basic Education Officer. Appraisal, the notice process will take two-three days. 

In the notice, the forgers will also be asked to deposit the stipulated amount of time. This new decree of the government has given sleep to fake teachers and teachers. Till now fake teachers and teachers have been saved by resorting to the court. On the fake and tampered records of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Vishwavidyalaya, 2823 teachers and teachers working all over the state were working in the Education Department. The university had conducted an SIT investigation. 

The SIT investigation involved 122 fake teachers of the district. Out of that, notices have been given for recovery from five teachers. The government issued a list of his name on 20 May. After this, the Basic Education Department has become active as soon as the recovery order from 117 forgeries is received. Sanjay Singh, BSA Etah said that notices are being issued for reviewing the fake teachers. A week’s time has been given. RC will be issued if the money is not deposited within the stipulated time. 

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These were the five in the first list of the government.

On May 20, the list of five teachers of Eta was included in the recovery list of fake teachers released from the government. Among them are Priyanka, the headmaster of Nagla Summer, primary school in Block Sheetpur area, Geeta, headmaster of primary school, Chaprai in block Sakit area, Abha, primary school, Rajkot, assistant teacher, Anita, primary school in Block Jalesar area, Anita, primary school of Kisra Amritpur, primary school in Block Aliganj area Principal of Vrindavan Batham. An estimate of recovery of these five to two crores has been prepared. The same 117 teachers can recover more than 50 crores.

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