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Kushal is excited about unlocking the film, said – did not see such a film before

Actor Kushal Tandon is very excited about the upcoming movie unlock on ZEE5. In a conversation , he said that his film is unique because it remains on the dark web.

Actor Kushal Tandon is very excited about the upcoming movie unlock on ZEE5. In this film, he is playing the character of Amar, which Suhani (Hina Khan) loves very much. The story of this film revolves around Suhani and Amar. The teaser shows how Suhani installs an app to find her love Amar, and in her quest to fulfill her desires, she becomes part of a different mysterious journey with the app’s virtual assistant voice .

Will unlock be different from other movies?In a conversation with Aaj Tak, he told that his film is unique because it remains on the dark web. Talking about the story of the film, he said, “Unlocked movie is a dark web story. Nowadays everything happens on mobile, just like cryptocurrency has happened, dark web has become. Our movie which is unlocked. It is a story of the dark web in which if you have the darkest wish that you want to fulfill, and if someone fulfills that wish, then he also takes something from you in return. To complete, they install the app and what happens to them.

He also said, “I have tried to show what an app can be through. This Blue Whale Challenging App is also a perfect example. Infact is an Illuminati which is the world’s largest organization, with the top People are there. They also do the same, if they give you something then they also take something from you. In the same unlocked film, there is an assistant who does a job and everyone does it. Maybe later Such an app will come in which someone will assist. Do your work to get your work done. “

Talking about his character Amar, Kushal said, “Amar is a South Bombay boy. He is rich, educated, and in a friendly circle, he is the most intelligent person who carries his team along. How everyone falls prey to this dark web, who dies. I will just say that only one is left and now you have to watch the film to know who is left. “

Kushal says that for the first time in Bollywood and OTT, a film has been made on this genre which has become very good and the way the director has shot has become a very smart film. He said, “I shot this film when I was doing my web series ‘Bebaki’. During the shooting of this film, the offer of this film came in the middle. I completed this film after Babaki. Shooting then We ended long before the lock down. Earlier the film was scheduled to be launched in March, but its graphics are of such a high level that it takes time. There was little left but the offices were closed due to the lock down. Now the work that was left after Unlock Phase 1 is complete and the film is ready to come. “

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If you are not an actor, you are not available on social sites also – Kushal

In today’s world, everyone has a phone. Despite being with family, everyone stays busy on the phone. Everyone has a lot of apps in their phones, social sites in which they spend more time. But Kushal has a different opinion on this. He said, “If I am not an actor, I would not be on any social site. I have installed a timer in my mobile, I keep checking which app I have used so much. Which app I used earlier I used to use that hour, now I use only one hour. “

Kushal Tandon has shown his acting skills in TV serials and now in the OTT platform, after the ‘Hum’ and ‘Babaki’ web series, he is coming in a new style with his debut film Unlock.

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