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Palmistry- Jupiter mount : Such people become skilled and successful administrators

Palmistry- Jupiter mount : Such people become skilled and successful administrators

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The place of Guru Parvat Jupiter has been considered very important in palmistry. There is a Guru’s Jupiter position in the hand between the first finger ie the index finger and the second finger next to it. The bulge at this place is formed through the edge of the hand. Touching this mountain goes right in the middle of the middle line. On the basis of the elevation or advanced position of the mountain, only the grace of Jupiter planet can be estimated on the person. The position of triangle, cross, point or mole, circle, square, island, net, star on Guru mountain also affects the person. 

  • If there is a triangle on Guru Jupiter Parvat, then the person gets the qualities of diplomacy and he becomes very ambitious for his progress. His ambition goes beyond the boundaries and he becomes overly proud and this triangle also creates conditions of fault.
  • It is considered very auspicious to have a class on Guru Jupiter Parvat. Any person who has this on his palm is able to achieve a high position on the strength of his intellect and ability. Even if he does not come from an ordinary family. Such individuals can become skilled and successful administrators and are publicly respected.
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  • If a Guru Jupiter has made a small round on a mountain, that is, a circle, then he is successful in attaining a high position by his efforts. These people get a lot of help from their spouse’s family.   It is considered inauspicious to be built on Guru Parvat because such a person is merciless, selfish and arrogant  .
  • Showing stars on Guru Jupiter means that the person is very ambitious. He attains a high position and is also full of a sense of family and social concern.
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