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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Russia tour – ready to complete defense deal in short time

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who was on a tour of Russia between China and China, said that he is fully satisfied with his visit. He said that his discussion was positive and productive. The Defense Minister said that he has received the assurance that the defense contract already issued will not only be retained but will also be completed soon.   

Rajnath said, “My first official delegation from abroad is visiting India after the Kovid-19 epidemic.” This shows the special relationship between India and Russia. He said, “I pay tribute to the Russian soldiers killed during World War II. Millions of Indian soldiers also participated in this war and were martyred.”    

Earlier, he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Y. Ivanovich met Borisov in Moscow. At the same time, Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar met Colonel General Alexander V. Fomin, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia in Moscow.

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