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Blow to India – Trump administration suspends H1B and H4 visas, order will remain in force till the end of the year

The Trump administration has taken this step keeping in mind the jobs of American workers. Visas to be suspended include visas such as H1B and H4.

Washington: The Trump administration suspended several working visas for foreigners on Monday, including all H1Bs and H4s (for H1B spouses). Their suspension will be valid till the end of the year. Trump has suspended L1 visas (for intracompany transfers) and J1 visas (widely used by doctors and researchers) by the Pacific. According to the authorities of the administration, this decision has been taken for the benefit of American workers.

Giving information about this, a senior Trump administration official told reporters that these measures, taken by President Trump through an executive order, would be temporary that would open the way to 525,000 jobs for American workers.

According to the senior official, the Trump administration had also issued instructions for a comprehensive reform of the visa regime, which would replace the current lottery system with a merit-based system for 85,000 H1b visas.

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The official said, “It will advance both the salary level and the skill level. It will also eliminate competition with Americans for entry-level jobs. The president also said that all the loopholes that enable outsourcing of jobs are closed.” should be done.”

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