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Chaman Bahar Review: sputtering In the name of love, weak story.

After conducting the panchayat, Jintendra Singh has established himself as an actor. Now his new film Chaman Bahar has been released. He is seen in a romantic style in the film. Know how the film is made

1.5 *

film:Chaman Bahar

Artist: Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badiani, Bhuvan Arora, Alam Khanthe

director:Apurva dhar badgaiyann

Jitendra Kumar, who won the hearts of everyone by acting best in Panchayat web series, has now brought Chaman Bahar. This is not a series, but is a two-hour long film which has been released on Netflix. Now we will also tell you the story of the film, talk about the acting of the actors, but first a few questions arise in the mind- Will Bollywood always show a leader in negative light? Meaning if there is a leader, will he only commit hooliganism? Will the boys of the village always be shown in the film as a lfunder? There are more questions, but let’s just understand how Apoorv Dhar’s film Chaman Bahar is made.


In the beginning of the story we come to know that Billu (Jitendra Kumar) wants to make his own identity. His father has been a watchman in the forest department, but he wants to do something different. They want to see themselves becoming famous in the village. That’s why they take the biggest decision of their life. He goes to his father and says directly – We will open a paan shop in the village. Now the father refused to say the obvious thing, but Billu had made up his mind. He sets up his own paan shop. Now where he sets up his paan shop, there is not even an ant. Humans do not see much connection. But then luck kicks in and a family comes to live in that area.

In the family there is a girl named Rinku who goes to ‘school’. Billu and the rest of the village boys are in love with him, who has never seen any modern girl before today. Now, because Rinku’s house is in front of Billu’s shop, all the vagabonds also camp there. Sometimes carom passes game time, sometimes pan kha. By the way, let the ‘Sharif’ people of the village also chase the girl. But only Billu loves true love. So that’s the story. Seeing the film, you have to know whether Rinku loves Billu or not? Does Billu become famous or not.

Will you promote stocking?

Now there are many complaints about Chaman Bahar. Let’s talk about the story later, but here it is not understood whether the film supports stocking. Meaning stock the girl, stare at her then you will become a hero? Now this is not the case but we try to show this film, that too not once, many times. If the girl is shown in short clothes, then everyone will now see it wrongly? This is only seen in the entire film. In the name of the story, you see a stocking of some lewd boys for two hours. You see how everyone, from a shopkeeper to a leader, is after a girl.

Surprisingly, there is no climax in this film. Yes, the film is flat. It moves at a speed and the bus keeps on moving and it ends. There is no dramatic twist, no suspense, leave the message.


The work of an artist is not just acting but that character has to live. Now the concept of Chaman Bahar is definitely weak, but the actors have done justice to their character. Whatever they asked them to do, they have done it right there. Jitendra Kumar’s Billu role is a bit strange, but the actor’s hard work should be praised. It is not easy to hold a language and speak it continuously. His work will be called good. Alam Khan’s work as a leader in the same film has been fine. In many scenes it seems that he is playing a bigger role than his age. In the rest of the collaborators, acting of all will be called average.

Biggest mistake

By the way, the entire story behind Rinku has been coined, Ritika Badiani has played that character. Now nothing can be said about his acting. Yes the expressions were amazing. He was kept just like a glam doll in the film, who had to go out only occasionally. This is Chaman Bahar’s biggest weakness. There is not a single dialogue of Ritika in the entire film. People do not know the story of their side.

Please tell that through Chaman Bahar, Apoorva Dhar has made his debut in the world of directions. Now he is sad to see the way he started his innings with the film. Neither the theme of the film is understood nor the logic behind it. It can be understood for once that the story of unrequited love is being shown. But there is also a way to show it. Stocking may not be called unrequited love in a book. It has also been regretted that Apoorva has decorated many characters in the film, but Jitendra is only furthering the story.

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In the end, it seems that the bad days of Netflix in lockdown have started. Everyone expected a lot from Chaman Bahar, but this film has disappointed everyone more than expected.

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