Taylor Swift on racism said – It is sad to see memorials of racist celebrities

Demonstrations are taking place in the country after the death of black George Floyd in America. There is also a large crowd of white people in these demonstrations. Also, these movements are getting the support of many big Hollywood personalities.

While many big celebrities were joining these demonstrations, some have become vocal on social media. Recently US famous singer Taylor Swift said that she feels sad to see memorials of racist celebrities in Tennessee.

Taylor Swift wrote on Instagram that as a tennis player I am sad that there are statues of racist historical celebrities here who have done bad things. Edward Carmack and Nathan Bedford Forrest were malicious figures in our state’s history and should be treated the same.

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Taylor further wrote that lawmakers cannot change history, they can change the status of those who have turned ‘heroes’ into villains from the abominable patterns of racism. He said that villains do not deserve idols. 

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