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This is the world’s most expensive material

There are many such substances in the world, which are very much valued. Many people think that gold, silver and diamonds are the expensive things of the world.

but it’s not like that. There are many such substances in the world, which cost more than the GDP of some countries of the world. This is one such substance which can be bought in many small countries by selling one gram.

This is not a joke at all. Believe me, 90 percent of the people of the world have not even heard the name of this item. So what is the price that is so high?

This item is antimatter or competition.

Antimatter, which is considered to be the most expensive item in the world, is also called as antidote. Antibody is a type of substance that is formed in antigens such as Positron, per-proton, per-neutron. They are made per-proton and per-neutron per quark. If we talk about its price, the ground will slide under your feet. If one gram is sold, then 100 small countries of the world can be bought. Its 1 gram is worth Rs 31 lakh 25 thousand crore, that is why it is the most expensive substance in the world.

It takes 160 crores to build a milligram antimatter!

According to NASA, the highest amount of money is spent in preparing antimatter. Therefore its price is also high. According to the figures, there is Rs 160 crore to make 1 mg antimatter. The highest cost is also spent in its safety. It is also provided the highest security system in the world. Not only this, even institutions like NASA have a strong security ring to keep it. Apart from a few special people, no one can reach the competition.

By the way, antimatter is naturally present somewhere. Scientists have also succeeded in making it. This antimatter was made in Cern’s laboratory. In this lab itself, the matter of finding Gad particle was revealed. The energy spent in making it. The anti-matter obtained is one billionth of that. Antimatter is rarely used. Interestingly, antimatter can be used as fuel in planes going to other planets in space.

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Why is antimatter expensive?

Antimatter is considered the most expensive because the technology that makes it is the most expensive. It takes up to 250 lakh rupees to make 1 mg antimatter. It is used in medical imaging of hospitals and radioactive molecules in the form of positron emission tomography. It is also used in nuclear weapons.

We use it in medical lines, rocket fuel and nuclear weapons. 

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