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Religious fanatics attack Hindus for resisting them from harassing Hindu girls

The religious fanatics detained under NSA

PSI suspended 

This is the second attack on Hindus in last 2 days

  • The only solution to stop suffering of Hindus in a Hindu majority Nation is to establish Hindu Rashtra (Nation)
  •  The Police and Government should create such situation that religious fanatics would not dare to even look at Hindus with bad intention !

Azamgarh (U.P) – A group of religious fanatics armed with sharp weapons attacked a Hindu society in Sikandarpur Aima Village. The religious fanatics used to harass a Hindu girl who used to pass through the area to fetch water from the nearby tube well. It lead to a confrontation in which 12 Hindus were injured. The Police have arrested 12 religious fanatics Pervez, Faizan, Noor Alam, Sadre Alam, Hamir, Asif, Meraj and Suhail. A cash reward of Rs.25,000 has been announced for information on the absconding accused.

The Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took cognizance of the incidence and ordered the Police to invoke the National Security Act against the accused. The PSI of the Maharajganj has been suspended. The SP Prof. Triveni Singh was also reprimanded by Yogi Adityanath.

Just a day before this incident, some religious fanatics had forcefully entered houses of Hindus, beaten them and had burnt the houses in Jaunpur (U.P). This latest incident is the second attack by religious fanatics on Hindus within the 24 hours of the first incident.

The respective PSI would be held responsible for such incidents ! – CM

Considering the increasing attacks on Hindus, Yogi Adityanath had announced earlier that if such incidents occur, the respective PSI of the Police Station would be held responsible and appropriate action would be taken against them. The SP would be also taken to task.

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