Lonar lake water suddenly turns red after meteorite falls, scientists engaged in investigation

Buldhana. The water of Lonar lake in Buldhana district of Maharashtra suddenly turned red. It has become a topic of discussion. However, the reason for this has not yet been clear as to how the water of the lake suddenly turned red. While the water is usually greenish white in color.

Saifan Nadaf, Lonar Tehsildar of Lonar, Buldhana said, “For the last two-three days we have seen that the water of the lake started turning red. The forest department has been asked to carry out a sample of water for analysis and to know the reason for it. The reason for the lake’s water turning red is not known at present.

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For information, let us know that Lonar lake has always been a center of mystery for scientists. This lake is formed by falling meteorites. Smithsonian Institution, United States Geological Survey, Sagar University and Physical Research Laboratory have also studied this site. Organic nitrogen fixation was discovered in this lake in 2007. It is believed that the weight of the meteor body was one million tons. 

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