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After sex, don’t forget these four essential post sex habits

Have you ever wondered what you should ideally do after sex to ensure sexual hygiene? Here are four post-sex habits that you should never forget.

For knowing how to prepare the mood for the perfect sex session, you all will know about Four Play, but perhaps you will know very little about what to do after sex, if it is right, So it is really dangerous.

Cuddling is very important in the post sex session. For this, you want to stay in bed with your partner for some time. But when it comes to personal hygiene, the most important thing is that you get up from the bed. Yes, it sounds a little unromantic, but for your intimate health, it is important that you take special care of intimate hygiene.

Here we are telling you about four such post sex habits, which you should not ignore at all: –

1. go to pee

Immediately after sex, go to the bathroom. Urinate so that all fluids drain properly and the urinary tract infection is less likely to occur. This removes any sperm that has remained in and around the vagina, but does not reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Failure to do so increases the risk of urinary tract infection as bacteria can enter the urethra during sex. So make it a habit to go to the washroom in both pre sex and post sex. Also, drink a glass of water. If you feel that you are not getting urine, then it will help in removing germs.

These are the four post-sex habits that you should never forget. Image: Shutterstock

2. Wash yourself slowly and properly

Always wash your private parts from front to back using warm water, mild soaps and a soft towel, not vice versa. Vegina has its own self-cleansing system, which contains good bacteria, which helps keep the pH level healthy and balanced. No, we are not asking you to do douching. Just clean the exterior of the vagina properly. The interior is taken care of by Vegina herself.

Douching carries an increased risk of infection in the vagina, as it disrupts the fragile bacterial ecosystem of the vagina. It can also cause burning and itching in the vagina.

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3. Wear clean clothes

Body fluids released from the body during sex make your undergarments and clothing dirty. These stains on clothes provide a place for bacteria to grow. So keep in mind that after sex always wear clean undergarments and change the sheets. You should feel normal immediately after intercourse.

After sex, if you feel any pain, swelling, irritation, sensation, itching or wounds in passing the urine, or any kind of lump, you should tell your doctor immediately. Otherwise it can take the form of serious diseases over time.

4. Don’t forget to dispose of condom

Never make the mistake of flushing the condom in the toilet, this can cause toilet pipe block. So, when you are immersed in the post sex hangover, pick up the condom wrapper at the same time, pack the used condom and put it in the dustbin.

Additionally, you should talk openly with your partner about sexual health and hygiene. The ideal situation is that both of you should be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Because if it is positive then it can have a negative effect on both your relationship and health. It is better that you take care of intimate hygiene.

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