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Alipur Delhi : In Suspicion of affair with wife, Husband made 4 people injected with poison in the name of corona vaccine

Suspecting an affair with the wife, a man grabbed Corona and conspired to eliminate the entire family, including the wife’s alleged lover. Four people were injected with poison in the name of the corona vaccine. The incident is from Alipur in the capital Delhi.

To carry out this conspiracy, the 42-year-old accused two women by persuading them to pay for the work. He made them health workers and sent them to eliminate the family of 38-year-old Home Guard, who suspected him of an affair with his wife. The women injected poison in the name of the corona vaccine, along with home guards, and three other members of her family.
After some time, the health of the four worsened, and the people nearby admitted him to the hospital. Police said the condition of the four victims is now stable. Outer-North District Deputy Commissioner Gaurav Sharma said two women were identified through CCTV, which revealed the mastermind in the interrogation. The three men have been arrested and a case of attempted murder has been registered.

The main accused does business in Alipur. He suspected that his wife’s affair with the Home Guard jawan living in the same area was going on. Gaurav Sharma said, “He wanted to take revenge.” So he gave ransom to two women from another village. He asked them to inject poison to the whole family in the name of Corona’s medicine. “On
Sunday afternoon, the two women reached the home of the home guard jawan and described themselves as health workers. He injected poison to his mother and two relatives of the Home Guard jawan. Immediately the health of the four started deteriorating, then the women escaped from there. The four victims were taken to Raja Harishchandra Hospital where they are undergoing treatment. All four are now out of danger. Police are trying to find out what poison they used to carry out the crime.

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This is the second case in the capital Delhi when Corona was used for the crime. Earlier on May 1, a woman strangled her husband to death and claimed death from Corona. The postmortem report revealed the murder. 

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