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Turkey / delivery boy spitting on customer’s pizza, people said – 18 years in jail

  • The case belongs to the city of Eskisir on 24 December 2017, the court is expected to sentence the accused soon
  • This delivery of a delivery boy was revealed in CCTV installed in a client’s apartment.

Ankara In Turkey, a delivery boy could be jailed for 18 years for spitting on a pizza before delivering it to the customer. According to media reports, the court is expected to pronounce the sentence this week. He is accused of messing with the health of customers. The locals have been demanding strict punishment for him for the last three years.

This case is dated 24 December 2017. A photo of the delivery boy was captured on CCTV in a client’s apartment in Eskiseir. It appeared that at first he spit on the pizza. Then makes a video from the mobile and keeps it with him. However, why he did so could not be disclosed.

A customer alerted others after watching the footage

Based on the footage, the accused was identified as Burak S. The owner of the building alerted the customer ordering food online after watching the footage. The delivery man of the food companies has been facing many such allegations before.
According to media reports, the accused has already been fined Rs 40 thousand (4000 lira) for endangering the health of the customer.
According to Turkish law, a convict can be sentenced to 15 years in prison for his crime and 3 years for damaging the health of customers. The defense counsel has urged the court that if he is sentenced then time should also be given for appeal.

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