Nagin 4 actress Sayantani Ghosh is struggling with financial crisis

Mumbai. In view of the increasing threat of Corona virus, a lockdown has been done throughout the country to protect the people. Meanwhile, all work has come to a standstill. Talk about the film and TV industry, the makers are suffering a lot of damage. At the same time, artists associated with this industry are also seen in trouble.

If work is closed then people are not getting money. Recently, the famous TV show Naagin 4 actress Sayantani Ghosh talked about her declining financial condition during the lockdown. He told how it is difficult to run a house in such conditions.

These days, many old shows are being re-telecast again on TV, but the shooting of TV serials is completely stopped. In such a situation many troubles have arisen in front of TV actress Sayantani Ghosh. About which he has recently spoken in an interview given to the Times. He told that due to lockdown, financial problems have arisen in front of us, many workers are also struggling with it.

We are all sitting at home. Everyone wants to return to work. We are all trying to start work, but even this is visible only on paper, in practice, work is yet to be done. Everyone’s safety is a question. Social Distancing is going to be a big challenge.

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Sayantani further says that it is necessary to reach everyone and that people are not refusing to pay, but even if they do, the office is closed. We are all having problems. My money is also stuck, I have to pay the EMI of my house along with the EMI of the car. Although the government has given some months relief in the case of EMI, but we have to run the house as well. Now it is really troublesome.

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