Vastu Tips: Decorate the office desk with plant, idol or photos according to Vastu, the atmosphere of the place will be happy

Many working people decorate their office desks. Keep small plants, idols or pictures so that you are happy and keep your mind at work. This decoration is good but if it is the same architectural, it will be even better. Know how the desk should be from architect and author Anita Jain …

If you are keeping a plant:

If placing a plant on the desk, place a money plant or bamboo plant on the east or north of the desk. These are considered to be beautiful as well as enriching. Green is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, flourishing and purity. It is believed that it increases the level of positive energy and relaxes the mind and brain. Seeing green plants also reduces stress, feeling happy. Never apply on dry, barbed and bonsai desks. These are considered indicators of despair.

Pay attention to photos:

Many benefits are obtained by placing a picture of green forest or tall crops on the desk towards the north. Here, you can put the pictures of the mind, such as trees, running horses, flying birds, swastika signs or the rising sun. Avoid placing negative images such as a crying baby, slaughtered plants, broken idols, etc. They increase negative energy. Instead of putting too many pictures, only apply 4-5 photos.

Fresh flower bouquet:

You can place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the desk. The decoration of flowers gives pleasure to the mind and helps in reducing stress. If the flowers of the vase begin to dry or wither, replace them immediately. Such flowers create negative energy.

Idol of God:

If you are keeping the idol of God, then keep it in the east or north and do not let the dust settle on them. To get auspicious results, put a photo of your presiding deity on the desk towards the northeast. Do not forget to salute them before starting the work. By doing this you get mental clarity.

Keep clean and arranged:

Spreading the stuff on the desk does not make it work. There is always confusion and Vastu defects also arise. According to Vastushastra, stacking of files or papers on the desk affects the quality of work. There is also an increase in negative energy, which will increase stress and the work will not be completed in time. Spreading pen-pencils or other items on the desk also hinders work. Keep the desk clean, tidy and beautiful.

Never do this:

Where we sit and work, the place is sacred, there is a place to earn a livelihood, so never eat and drink at the desk. Sitting at the desk, drinking tea or coffee, eating, eating meat, impedes progress. It also causes problems at the workplace, mental disorders, career interruptions.

Can also take these measures:

Keep the paperweight of the crystal in the northeast direction of the desk, so as not to cause Vastu defects. Placing Feng Shui’s crystal globe or laughing Buddha on the desk can provide new opportunities. Rotating the crystal globe two or three times a day will give positive energy to work. Keeping a small crystal or metal turtle on the desk will keep peace of mind. It is also beneficial to place a small piece of alum on the desk or camphor inside a pan stand.

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