Meerut UP : Online study- Girls upset with sexually explicit messages, many parents left WhatsApp group

In Meerut, indecent messages were sent to girls from the WhatsApp group of the class. As a result, FIRs were conducted and groups of boys and girls were separated. That number was blocked on a similar incident in Gorakhpur. What started in the state through the WhatsApp group, many problems took birth. The talk of linguistic equality was left behind, so now the teachers including the parents are also worried.

WhatsApp classes started in government-aided schools of primary and secondary have become a new trouble due to some mischievous elements. In Meerut and Gorakhpur, complaints were also lodged with the police, but most people are also avoiding it. A teacher from Bareilly says that if we get caught in all these, when will we teach? Complains that the boys are harassing. We are finding solutions at our level. Many parents have left the group after complaining. They feel that the girl should not get seduced on the pretext of studies.

The father of the child started committing the woman of the village

co-education is given in all newly opened state schools in the troubled state. More than one lakh WhatsApp groups have started studying in government primary schools. A WhatsApp group was formed in a village in Bundelkhand, the father first helped his child. After this, he started harassing a village woman by taking a number from here. The woman’s husband is trapped in a lockdown in Ahmedabad. He got rid of it with the help of the villagers.

Parents-teachers complain

– Classes are being held from 8 am to 2 am, but children are doing more than studying on smartphones.
– In many places, teachers have started receiving obscene messages.
– Parents fear that a lot exists on the Internet. In such a situation, if the smartphone has come in the hands of the child, then who will tell it right or wrong?
Parents are not capable enough to monitor children’s internet surfing.
– Teachers are afraid that after school opens, they will have to keep an eye on boys and girls because if they have a relationship between them, they will meet in school too.
Today, sex education is not openly spoken in most schools, in such a situation, students are with less knowledge.

Getting such studies

secondary schools are set up by Kcshawar and subject wise group. All videos and other teaching material are posted a day before. At the same time, students’ doubts are resolved during class time. In a group, students are joined by class teachers, subject teachers, principals besides DIOs or other officials. 

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Aradhana Shukla, Principal Secretary, Secondary Education says that we have received complaints from two places and action has also been taken there. Actually, at the time of registration, the children had given the wrong number or the number of other people, due to which there was a problem. We are cautious about this. Instructions have been given to everyone to follow a policy of zero tolerance in any such event. 

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