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Trump’s big decision on Corona crisis – ban on outsiders settling in America

The US, struggling with the Corona virus epidemic, has decided to stop immigration. US President Donald Trump has made this big announcement on Tuesday morning. Now no outsider will be allowed to settle in America until further orders. Donald Trump announced this big decision with his Twitter account. Donald Trump has taken this decision in view of the crisis on the economy that was caused by the Corona virus.

US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday morning by tweeting, ‘In the situation that has arisen due to invisible enemy attack, we have to save the jobs of our great American citizens. In view of this, I am signing an order, which will prohibit outsiders from settling in America ‘.

It is clear that no foreign national will be able to become a citizen of the United States until the next order and neither will be able to apply for it. People from all over the world go to America for jobs and business, who apply for citizenship there after some time.

A large number of people from Latin America, Europe go to America. Apart from this, their number has increased from other Asian countries including India. But Donald Trump has now banned any kind of immigration, although this ban has just been temporarily imposed.

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Significantly, due to the formidable form of corona virus, America is facing its biggest crisis ever. In the last two months, more than 10 million people have lost their jobs in the US and have applied for the facilities available to the unemployed. Apart from this, there has been a big crisis on American business, which is why Donald Trump was forced to take this decision.

Let me tell you that the presidential elections are also going to be held in America this year, in such a situation Donald Trump is once again trying to strengthen his America First slogan.

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