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Skin care : You know the trend of skin fasting for skin care, know these things before adopting

Skin care

Whether it is lifestyle or skin care… there is a clear impact on social media. One such trend has emerged in recent times for skin care, called Skin Fasting. Divyani Tripathi is telling about all the aspects related to it

The trends keep on coming. If someone is related to skin, then someone is in fashion. For a while, a new trend related to skin care has been on everyone’s tongue, namely, skin fasting. People adopting this trend believe that in this way the skin is naturally beautiful. Although some experts agree to it, some do not agree with it. Follow this trend only after the right advice from the knowledgeable, but during this time you will need to take special care of some things. In this regard, Dermatologist Dr. Pranshu Mishra says that our environment is full of pollution. With this, the possibility of photo damage has also increased. So, before adopting this new trend of skin fasting, you have to take care of where you live and how is your lifestyle and how much pollution is there around you? 

What is skin fasting 

skin fastening? This process relies on the concept of a break in her care routine to improve the skin. According to experts, it makes the skin breathable. There are slight changes in the skin routine, which you can also call natural maintenance system.

Skin care : How to use fasting for benefit

If you want to adopt and make skin fasting, then try some things first. There will be two advantages to doing this. First, you will feel maximum benefit and second you will also be able to know whether this method will work for you or not. Do some testing before using cosmetic products completely. You have to start it before sleeping at night. Wash your face thoroughly before sleeping. One night you do not have to use any skin care product. The next morning wash the face with lukewarm water. Allow natural oil to remain on the face. Drink lots of water that day to keep your skin hydrated. If the skin remains soft and moist, So gradually stop using skin care products for a longer period of time. Some people do not use any kind of product on the skin once a week in a month and adopt their old skin care routine for three weeks. According to how your skin reacts to skin fasting, decide its duration.

Skin care : Acne problem

If you have acne, then do not say if you have problems with acne and your skin is oily, do not forget to get caught in the skin fastening. Skin fasting can also be a bad experience for you. As soon as you stop using your anti acne product during fasting, the excess oil on your skin will start. The result, the return of acne.

Skin care : This is also a way in

which common fasting is done keeping in mind its convenience and health, so is the case of skin. Regarding Dr. Pranshu, fasting means a change in your skin routine. That is, you can also give relief to your skin by stopping the use of makeup and using natural cosmetics. 

The skin needs these

Dr. Pranshu said, for good skin health, it is very important to include creasing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen in your routine. Not doing so can spoil your skin health. Yes, you have to take care that using chemical free natural product is a better option for your skin. Also the products should be according to the nature of your skin. 

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