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Japan / An example of social distancing. In convocation robots replaced students to take degrees

In Japan, a unique way of organizing convocation has been worked out following social distancing. Students are taking their degrees in place of the ceremony. According to the dress code when the name is called, the robots come ready and take a degree. The iPad is placed on the robot’s face. Through this iPad, the student enjoys the entire ceremony live and expresses feelings while speaking to the degree.

Lockdown not applicable in Tokyo

The Business Breakthrough University convocation was held at Tokyo’s Hotel Grand Palace on 28 March. During this time, four students were awarded graduation degrees. Lockdown has not yet been implemented in Tokyo, but companies and schools are closed. People are following social distancing as they wish.

Japanese company Tayara did ‘Numi’
This robot was developed by Japanese company Ana Holding and named ‘Numi’. Put the iPad screen on the face of the robot and the hands are designed so that they can hold the degree. It was being operated through zoom and the students sitting at home were paying thanks in real time. 

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