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Shameful/ attack on health workers in Indore, barricades thrashed

Indore. Residents pelted stones at the health department team that arrived at the city’s Tatpatti Bakhal on Wednesday to investigate the corona infects. Health workers ran away after saving their lives. The miscreants also broke barricades. Police has registered a case of obstruction in government work against them. According to Chhatripura TI, the incident is at Batpatti Bakhal at 1.15 pm. After the death of a corona positive in Silavatpura, the Health Department team is under continuous screening. The suspects are being investigated. Meanwhile, people here pelted stones, creating a fuss.

A woman from the Health Department told the police that on Wednesday, the history of a positive contact was found. They went there to see him. As soon as the team started inquiring about him, some miscreants from the front started throwing stones. Before the team could understand anything, many people came up with a handkerchief on their face and started shouting. To avoid this, women and male health workers and doctors ran towards their cars. It is learned that a tehsildar was also present with him. The rowdy ran away from the street towards Mainrode while throwing stones. The health workers ran straight from the car to the police station.

Kuldeep, an employee of the corporation, also threw stones at the corporation employee, saying that the corner in Ravidaspura was flooded, so his team was working there. Then there was stone pelting. When they were attacked too, they escaped.  

SSP Rajesh Vyas, who was taking the old woman for treatment, says that the health department team had come to Tatapatti Bakhal. A young man was also present with them. An elderly woman was to be taken for treatment. Then some people protested. Barricades have also been broken and stoned. Police is taking separate cognizance on this. 

3 people positive from quarantine warning family

3 family members have turned out to be Corona positive.

Three family members who have accused the administration and health department officials of harassing him in the name of quarantine have turned out to be Corona positive. This was confirmed in the report on Tuesday night. These people had made a charge on Tuesday by releasing a video in the day and said that everyone in their family is healthy and can also apply 100-100 dips if needed.

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