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On the ninth day of the lockdown, PM Modi asked the country to show new collectivity at 9 am, 9 minutes, 5 April

Corona virus crisis is increasing rapidly in the country. There has been a tremendous jump in the number of positive cases of corona virus in the last two to three days and this figure has gone beyond 2500. Addressing the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed that people should light a lamp, flashlight or candle outside their house at nine o’clock on Sunday night. We have to eradicate the darkness of Corona by giving a message of unity.

Prime Minister appeals to the country …In the country’s war against the corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again appealed to the people. In his message on Friday morning, PM Modi said that he wants nine minutes from the countrymen on this Sunday i.e. April 5.
The Prime Minister said that at nine o’clock in the night, people should come out of their homes for nine minutes and light a lamp, flashlight or candle. With this power of light, we will come together and defeat the darkness of the corona virus.

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