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Coronavirus Updates: Relief news from Lucknow, corona report of 26 people associated with Tabligi Jamaat negative

Coronavirus Live Updates: Corona virus infection is spreading rapidly in the country and the world. The number of corona infected patients has increased to 2094 in India. According to the Health Ministry, 50 people have lost their lives due to Corona virus so far while 171 people have also recovered. The Health Ministry said on Wednesday that 386 cases have been reported in 24 hours and three people have died.

So far, more than 9 lakh people worldwide have been infected with the Corona virus and more than 47 thousand people have died. 195,143 people are cured. Cases are increasing in America, Italy, Spain, France and people have died here. Stay tuned for all day long updates related to corona virus with The state News …

02 Apr 2020 03:18 PM (IST)3:17 PM IST | 02 APR 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Chief Ministers that for the next few weeks all the focus should be on investigating, locating infected people, keeping them isolated in homes, separate centers or hospitals. The Prime Minister told the Chief Ministers that separate, specialized hospitals are needed for the patients of Kovid-

19.1:55 PM IST | 02 APR 2020

Relieved news has come from Lucknow regarding the corona virus. The report of 26 out of 27 admitted in Lokbandhu Hospital in Lucknow has been negative. All these 27 people are associated with the Tabligi Jamaat and 24 of them are foreigners. All these 27 people stayed in the mosques of Lucknow. In Lucknow, Aminabad, Kakori, and IIM Road stayed in the mosque. Let us tell you, a total of 1330 people associated with the UP Tablighi Jamaat have been identified, out of which 258 are foreigners. So far, reports of 97 people have come positive.

12:27 PM IST | 02 APR 2020

President Ramnath Kovind will meet tomorrow on the crisis spread in the country due to Corona virus. The President will hold a meeting with all the governors and lieutenants of the country. This meeting of the President will take place through video conferencing. This is the second such meeting of governors and lieutenants with the President over the Corona crisis. According to the information, the President will discuss the role of institutions like Red Cross and the role of civil society and the current conditions of the country.

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