Corona virus: Sonia Gandhi says, lockdown decision taken in haste

new Delhi. The interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, has attacked the preparations of the central government to fight the corona virus. Sonia has now called the 21-day lockdown a hasty decision, while earlier Sonia herself supported the decision. Sonia has now attacked the government in the working committee meeting of Congress. Along with Sonia, Rahul Gandhi also questioned the lockdown and mentioned the difficulties faced by the migrant workers.

In this meeting held through video conferencing, Sonia said that lockdown may be necessary, but due to its unplanned implementation, lakhs of migrant workers are suffering and suffering. He further said that the government should have made a detailed strategy to deal with the situation caused by the corona virus lockdown.

India has a big problem in the form of corona virus, but our will power to defeat it should be much bigger. Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has said this today. A statement by Sonia Gandhi came after the Congress CWC meeting. In this, he told that this meeting took place amidst great health and humanitarian crisis, in which only the corona virus was discussed. Sonia said that there is no alternative to continuous and reliable testing to defeat Corona.

Sonia Gandhi raised the demand that the government should fully support the doctors, nurses and the rest of the medical staff engaged in the war against Corona and make them essential items like suits, N95 masks available at the earliest. Sonia further said, ‘We had a meeting today amidst an unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis. We have a frightening problem, but our resolve to defeat it should be bigger than that.

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