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Condom shortage due to lockdown in the world, women getting unwanted pregnant

London. The corona virus continues to wreak havoc. Most countries have declared a lockdown for this rescue. The longest lockdown has been declared after Britain’s Prime Minister and Health Minister were found to be Corona positive. During this time women will not be able to buy contraceptives there. Therefore, to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, they have been allowed to use termination pills at home. Women can use this pill and observe until the 10th week of pregnancy. This policy is being adopted in some other countries.  

Will have to consult a doctor for prescription

Women who want to use termination pills for abortion, cannot buy these pills on their own. In Britain, the lockdown has been implemented for three months, but the policy of people social distancing will remain in force till October. It is also expected that women will not be able to go to any hospital or clinic for two years. Until the corona virus is completely eradicated, people will have to stay indoors, but women who wish to use pills for abortion may contact the doctor via phone or video call and upon receiving a doctor’s prescription Pils will be sent to them through the postal service. Abortion requires two pill – mifepristone and misoprostol.

44 thousand women in Britain need abortion

Prior to this announcement, in Britain, abortion hospital could be done only or in any clinic which is licensed for it. It was necessary to give a certificate to the doctors that this does not violate the Abortion Act of 1967. But now social campaigners say that during the next 13 weeks in England and Wales, 44,000 women will need to go to doctors for abortion. For this, if they are allowed to travel, then the government’s policy of social distancing will fail. 

What to say about department of health and social care

A spokesperson of the Department of Health and Social Care said on Monday night that all necessary steps will be taken to protect people in this difficult time. Spokesman said that we are adopting such a policy and preparing a guideline that women who are going through a 10-week pregnancy should be provided with pills for abstinence at home and for this they can use telephone and internet Through the doctor, you can get advice. 

Pro-life groups are opposing it

At the same time, the pro-life groups of England are strongly opposing this policy of the government. He says that the abortion lobby is trying to use this time of crisis for its own benefit, which is not right. They are looking to take advantage of the Corona crisis. At the same time, Dr. Patricia Lohar, Medical Director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has said that now women can get out of their homes and go to the hospital to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, they should provide abortion facilities at home. In this time of national crisis, it is very important to take proper care of the health of women. 

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