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US accuses Venezuelan President Maduro of smuggling, 112 crore Rs reward on giving information for his arrest

Washington . The US has accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of smuggling drugs into the US. US Attorney General William Burr announced this on Thursday. A criminal case has been filed against Maduro. 112 crore was given to the informer for his arrest. ($ 15 million) will be awarded.

Barr said in a conversation with Voice of America, ‘This announcement focuses on corruption spread within the Venezuelan government. People at the helm of power have created mechanisms for this, which control them to be rich. The Venezuelan government is plagued with crime and corruption. ‘ 

Department of Justice has also mentioned Maduro’s name in his press release as a general accused rather than a president. In the press release, 4 accused are accused of narco-terrorism and drug trafficking. Under this, there is a provision of a minimum jail term of 50 years or maximum life sentence.

Apart from President Maduro, other accused officers include President of the National Constituent Assembly Diosado Cabello Rondon, former Director General of Venezuela Military Intelligence Hugo Carvajal Barrios, former General of the Venezuelan Army Clever Alcala Cordonas as well as Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (RAFC) Members are included.

America is searching for an arrest option

In 2016, Revolutionary Armed Forces signed a peace deal with the Colombian government after 50 years of conflict. However, US officials say many disgruntled groups are involved in the supply of drugs in the US under the patronage of the Maduro government. It is alleged that many Venezuelan officials have been supplying cocaine to America for more than 20 years. Barr said the US was exploring all options to take Maduro and other accused into custody.

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