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Coronavirus impact : Reliance will give salary twice a month to employees with less than 30 thousand salary

Mumbai. Rescue of increasing cases of Corona virus has been locked down across the country. In view of this, Reliance Industries has made several big announcements, in which one is associated with such employees, whose salary is less than 30 thousand rupees. RIL has said, it will pay salaries to the employees who get less than 30 thousand rupees twice a month.

The company issued a statement saying that the company is taking this decision to save the cashflow of low salaries and reduce any financial burden. By doing this, his employees will not have to face cash shortage in the middle of the month. If an emergency comes, the worker will have money so that he can spend. The company said that 600,000 members of the Reliance family are fully deployed in the fight against the corona virus.

Reliance Foundation provided a 100-bed hospital with BMC, which is only for Kovid-19 patients. Reliance recently said that due to the lockdown, the salary of contract workers and temporary workers who are unable to go to work will be continued. Apart from this, the company also provided the facility of rotation duty and work from home.

So far, more than 10,000 people have died and millions of patients worldwide due to Corona virus. The number of patients in India has been above 500. In view of this, the Modi government has announced a lockdown in the entire country. Social distancing seems to be the only cure to prevent the corona virus epidemic, due to which people are being appealed not to come out of their homes.

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