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Madhya Pradesh / Shivraj won the trust vote, not a single Congress MLA reached the floor test because of Corona; Voting was not required

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan won the trust vote on Tuesday. Assembly proceedings began at 11 am. Shivraj cast the vote of confidence. Since not a single Congress MLA came to the House due to Corona, Shivraj won the unanimous vote of confidence. All the MLAs passed the vote of confidence by saying yes. Earlier speaker NP Prajapati resigned. Due to this, MLA Jagdish Deora completed the proceedings. After this, the assembly session was postponed till 27 March.

The number of MLAs in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly is 206. 2 of BSP, 1 of SP and 2 were independent MLAs. Had 92 and 2 independents of the Congress also been present, the voting would have taken place and the BJP would have required 104 votes to prove its majority. The BJP currently has 107 MLAs.

The first leader to become the CM of Madhya Pradesh for the fourth time

After a year, 3 months and 6 days, Shivraj Singh Chauhan again became the Chief Minister of the state. He was sworn in as the 19th Chief Minister of the state by Governor Lalji Tandon in a simple ceremony held at Raj Bhavan. Shivraj is the only leader of the state to hold this post for the fourth time. In view of the Corona crisis, only 40 people were called to the oath program. Their seating arrangement was also done so that there would be a distance of at least one meter between each.

After taking the oath, Shivraj said that the only priority now is to prevent corona infection. This is a big challenge. I will first review the situation and take immediate decisions. Shivraj then reached Vallabh Bhavan directly and signed a file of issues related to Corona. After this, meeting with the officials gave necessary instructions.

Elections on 24 seats will be held in 6 months

There are 230 seats in the assembly. After the demise of 2 MLAs, 2 seats are already vacant. 22 Congress MLAs from pro-Scindia rebel. There were also 6 ministers among them. Former Speaker NP Prajapati accepted the resignation of all of them. Thus, a total of 24 seats are vacant. Elections are to be held in 6 months.

BJP must win at least 9 seats in the by-election

BJP has 107 MLAs. If 4 independents support him, BJP + becomes 111. In this situation, the BJP will need 5 more seats for a majority if a by-election is held on 24 seats. If the independents did not support the BJP, the party would have to win at least 9 seats in the by-election.

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