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Hindu Mahasabha has kept Gomutra party in Delhi to avoid corona virus

new Delhi. The corona virus is being seen worldwide. In India too, the number of people infected with corona has increased to 107. People are taking measures to avoid this in their own ways. At the same time Hindu Mahasabha has organized cow-urinal party in Delhi.

According to the news, scientists are also constantly trying to find a cure for it, but it has been claimed by the All India Hindu Mahasabha that the corona virus can be avoided by drinking cow urine. A poster a few days ago went viral on social media. In which it was written that the All India Hindu Mahasabha is organizing a Gomutra Party.

While sharing that poster, Bollywood actress Richa Chadha had asked that just want someone to livestream this party, want to see who is drinking cow urine in this party. After this, a person went to the Gomutra party and shot the video there and shared it on Twitter and tagged Richa Chadha. Seeing this video, Richa Chadha tweeted with surprise, no – no it can’t, no it really can’t

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