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Holi 2020: How to do Holika Puja, according to the zodiac, know which color to play Holi

Preparations for Holika Dahan have been completed. Holika Dahan will be done on the evening of March 9. The auspicious time of combustion will start from 6 pm to 12 minutes. On March 10, Abir-Gulal will fly. According to the spokesperson of Uttarakhand Vidya Sabha, Acharya Vijendra Prasad Mamgain, Bhadra will remain in shadow till 1.30 pm on Monday.

Holi worship is not considered auspicious during this period. After this Holi can be worshiped. Holika Dahan’s auspicious time will start from 6.12 pm which will last till night. Holi is a special method of worship. Worshiping by law is only beneficial. Also, according to the zodiac signs on Holi, colors also have special significance.

Worship like this

Make a garland of turmeric lumps, dung cakes, fruits, vegetables etc. and wear it. Before Holika Dahan, worship Holika in pink color with coconut, betel nut, nutmeg and eight gomti cycles. Then light eight lamps around Holika. Offer all the materials over the bonfire.

Auspicious colors according to zodiac

  • Aries: Red and Yellow
  • Taurus: White, Blue
  • Gemini: Green and White
  • Cancer: Yellow, Green and White
  • Leo: Pink, Green and Yellow
  • Virgo: Green, Yellow and White

These are good colors

  • Libra: White, Green and Blue
  • Scorpio: Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Sagittarius: Yellow, Green, Red
  • Capricorn: White Red Blue
  • Aquarius: White, Red, Blue
  • Pisces: Yellow White, Green

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