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hot/ hollywood personalities with skin flashing habits

1.Kelly Brook

A dress by Julien Macdonald that Kelly Brook worn to participate in London’s premiere of Snatch was really impressive. And not due to it’s shimmering but because of how little of Kelly’s body it covered. Everyone could have the pleasure of witnessing Kelly’s back, sides, and even (though partly) posterior. Perhaps, we can recognize the neckline area to be the shyest part of her gown.

2.Christina Ricci

Sometimes Christina Ricci resembles a girl of a fairy tale that needed to be dressed but undressed. So do Christina Ricci in this pic. She wasn’t nude, but still, you could see every detail about her amazing breasts due to her nice gown. Really, why shouldn’t she expose her assets if she likes? Why not infatuate men and make women regret about their miserable bodies?

3. Rose McGowan

In 1998 Rose McGowan appeared at MTV music awards in a very interesting glow. You couldn’t say she didn’t wear any dress, though you might have the pleasure of seeing her beautiful assets and derrière. The front of her dress was made of mesh fabric. The back of it was of several strings that lay comfortably on her buttocks. Fortunately (or not?), we couldn’t see more of her secret areas due to the thong she had on herself.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Ageless and ever young Jennifer Lopez is definitely becoming even hotter as the days go. She knows how much men desire her, and how appetizing and gorgeous her shapes and curves are. And she displays the last with a certain grace to make the first wild about her them. Well, did you know the fact her hips worth a real fortune and is insured for better security?

5.Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston whoplayed the role of Rachel Green in Friends is another example of a perfectly and young-looking celebrity of not-so-young age. She must know a special secret or have a magic potion in her daily menu. Well, how else could one explain her wonderful look? Her clothing is always pleasing to the eye. However, sometimes she can’t but boast of her body.

6.Emma Watson

Apart from many other celebrities, Emma’s skin doesn’t flash on the camera a lot. Emma explores another way of heart-winning by showing how to be hot and glamorous without continuously demonstrating her assets or derrière. But if you set the goal to see some of her skin flashing pictures, you may still find them on the Internet. Perhaps, the picture of her appearance on the premiere of Beauty and the Beast will satisfy your interest.

7.Leighton Meester

She is so much talented you may never understand why she doesn’t have a lot of roles now. The answer is simple – she decided to spend more time with her kids. So, now she plays the biggest role in her life, the role of devoted, affectionate, and caring mother. However, it doesn’t stop her from being gorgeous, chick, and hot. Maybe, on the top of the celebrity mom list.

8.Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, a famous Disney girl, becomes hotter and more sensational as she grows up. Now you may see her nude quite a lot on various pictures, video records, or in live concerts. So much that you may think she has a certain addiction to being nude. And, of course, she is quite a shocking personality of all modern celebrities

9.Britney Spears

In her past, Britney was a real sample of one who adored to focus her fan’s attention to her previously perfect body. Unfortunately, now she is not in her best forms both of fit and charming engagement. She tried to start her career once again but failed then. Still, we do remember her skin-flashing dresses and her beautiful body that they showed.

10.Selena Gomez

Selena is another famous Disney girl. She didn’t lose her charming smile we all are so fond of. And she is as kind as she has ever been. Maybe this is the secret of her success of almost not having dislikers. However, changes simply can’t pass her by as she grows up. The most striking changes happen in her dressing style. No, she doesn’t show much of her assets, but now she didn’t mind to open the look of her beautiful skin to the wide auditory.

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