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Invention / Geeta’s device detects breast cancer within 15 minutes, 25 thousand women were tested; Available in 30 hospitals

Bengaluru (Shivani Chaturvedi). Geeta Manjunath’s health startup ‘Niramai’ has developed an AI based thermal sensor device that identifies breast cancer at an early stage. That is, when the symptoms of this disease are not felt. Geeta says that mammography is used to detect breast cancer in the country. This method is not as successful in women under 45 years of age. But the thermal sensor monitors the fluctuating temperature of the device chest, taking photographs. Analyzes them to identify abnormalities. It only takes 10-15 minutes. This device also easily identifies small tumors of 5 mm.

This gave good results of the investigation, then laid the foundation of ‘Niramai’ with the same research team. So far more than 25 thousand women have been screened with our device. The device is being used in 12 cities and more than 30 hospitals such as Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi. The institution has also received funds of Rs 50 crore from investors. Recently, the Gates Foundation has given Niramai the responsibility of creating software for the prevention of river blindness.

Wanted to do something after cousin’s death

Geeta was stunned by the deaths from breast cancer in her family. After this he decided to do something in this direction. She says, “A few years ago two of my cousins ​​died of breast cancer at the age of 30. If the cancer was detected in time, she could have survived. I wanted to do something for this. I talked to one of my colleagues on thermography. It is a technique of analysis based on infrared images. I set up a small research team and with the help of Artificial Intelligence created a device capable of early detection of cancer.

Only 66 women in the country survive the breast.
According to a Health Ministry report, 26 out of 1 lakh women in the country suffer from breast cancer. It is the fastest growing cancer in the country. Here, the report by Lancet says that in India 60% of cases of cancer are not diagnosed in time. Because of this only 66% of women are able to go on living, while in developed countries up to 90% of women are cured by fighting this cancer. An IT professional from Bengaluru is struggling to change this situation.

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