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Digitalization: The government earned Rs 63 crore daily from Fastag in February, earning 1841 crore in the month

Fastag system has been implemented for collection of toll tax across the country. In the month of February, 1841 crores have been earned by this new arrangement. According to data released by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the government has earned more than Rs 63 crore from the toll plaza from Fastag in this month. The toll tax is being collected from Fastag on the toll plaza on the National Highway. However, at the one-fourth toll booth on the highway, both cash and fastag will be paid.

Toll collection continuously increasing

  • In February, about 11 million 13 lakh transactions were done from Fastag on the toll plaza on National Highway.
  • In January, there were about 930 million transactions from Fastag on the toll plaza on the National Highway. The Government earned Rs 1622 crore.
  • In December, the government earned Rs 1256 crore from these toll plazas through Fastag. During this time, 60 million transactions were done from Fastag.
  • In November, there were 30 million transactions from Fastag on the toll plaza. In November, these transactions generated around Rs 774 crore.
  • In October 2019, there were 3 crore 10 lakh transactions from Fastag, due to which the government earned Rs 703 crore.

20 crores recovered from vehicles entering the lane without fastag

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has said that it has recovered Rs 20 crore from 18 lakh vehicles without tags entering the fast-lane lane on the toll plaza. The Ministry of Road Transport introduced Fastag for electronic toll collection in December last year. If a tagless vehicle enters the fastag lane, it has to pay twice the toll. So far, over 1.55 crore Fastags have been issued across the country.

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