Zomato delivery boy Sonu’s Smile trends on social media

Videos continue to go viral on social media. One such video is going viral of Sonu, a delivery boy of food delivery company Zomato, who has now become an internet sensation. Many of his videos are becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. Not only this, Zomato India has put a picture of Sonu in his Twitter DP.

In fact, in a video if someone is asking Sonu about his earnings, then he is answering him by being very happy and smiling. People became fans of his smile. Not only this, people started making various demands for that boy.

In the video, the person asks Sonu about the earnings in a day, Sonu tells about the earning bar, and then when asked about the food, he says that Jomato does not eat out of the order and gives food, and which order cancellation. He gets to eat.

In another video, the person making the video tells Sonu that you have become very famous, your people have become fans, even then Sonu is seen only giving smile. On asking something about him, he says that I am like this.

Zomato India on Friday posted a smiling picture of Sonu in the Twitter handle DP and tweeted that it is now a fan account of a Happy Rider. ‘

People are sharing Sonu’s videos a lot. And commenting in various ways. Some are talking about Sonu’s cute smile, while some users are also demanding to increase the salary of all riders from Zomato.

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