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Banking / Bank will be closed for 14 days in March, banks will remain closed for 6 consecutive days on Holi due to the strike of bankers

Utility desk. There will be no work in banks for 14 days in March. There are a total of five Sundays in March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. There is a strike from March 11 to 13 with Holi on March 10 and Gudi Padwa on 25. However, no announcement has been made by the government or union about whether the strike will take place or not. We are telling you where, when and for what reason banks will be closed.

Banks will remain close on these dates

Reason for closing date
1 Sunday Weekly Holiday
6 Chhappar Kut (Mizoram)
8 Sunday Weekly Holiday
9 Holika / Doljatra / Mo Birthday of Hazrat Ali (West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)
10 Holi
11 strike
12 strike
13 strike
14 second Saturday
15 Sunday Weekly Holiday
22 Sunday Weekly Holiday
25 Gudi Padwa / Ugadi / Telugu New Year
28 Fourth Saturday
29 Sunday Weekly Holiday

Banks will stay for 6 consecutive days due to the strike
This year, banks will be closed for 6 consecutive days on Holi. In such a situation, not only will the work stop in banks, but there may be a shortage of cash in ATMs as well. The work of banks is expected to be affected from March 10 to March 15 on strike and holidays. Banks will remain closed on 10 March due to the festival of Holi. Apart from this, the bank unions can call for a three-day strike from March 11 to 13 with their demands. March 14 is the second Saturday of the month and March 15 will be a Sunday holiday. Before this, Sunday is also on 8 March. Click here to see the list of holidays released by RBI

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