Gujrat/ Husband left after 15 days of marriage, then this girl became IAS

A woman’s life cannot revolve around her husband for life. He also has the right to fulfill his dreams. This is to say of Komal Ganatra, who has passed the UPSC examination on her own. It was not easy for him to pass this exam, after facing many difficulties, a soft IAS was created. Let’s know his story.

Komal Ganatra was married at the age of 26. After marriage, a girl who dreams, Komal had dreams like that for herself, but not necessarily every dream is fulfilled. After two weeks of marriage, the husband left them and left.

Komal’s husband, a newly married bride, left her for New Zealand. After which he never returned. Let me tell you, she was married to an NRI. Any person breaks down after leaving her husband, but Komal did not lose courage. After which he started preparing for UPSC.

Komal said in an interview, ‘We think marriage makes us perfect’. I used to think the same until I was married. After leaving my husband, I realized that marriage is not everything for a girl in life. His life is even further.

Komal thought about preparing for UPSC. She knew that career is the most important thing for a girl.

Komal has studied in Gujarati medium. The year she passed the UPSC examination, the same year she was the topper of Gujarati Literature. He told that from the beginning my father has taught us to move forward in life. When I was younger, my father used to say that you grew up to become an IAS, but at that time I was mindless. There was not much information about UPSC.

Komal said that my father has always given me courage. He explained to me you are the best. He graduated from Open University. After which he graduated from different universities in three languages.

Before marriage, Komal started her career with a salary of 1000. She used to go to school. He also cleared the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) mains. In such a situation, I was married to an NRI. But at that time my husband did not want me to interview GPSC. Because they had to live in New Zealand. I made compromises with the situation and obeyed my husband.

I wanted to interview, but did not give. Because I loved them. In such a situation, he agreed Komal told ‘I did not know that the person I love will leave me and that too after 15 days of marriage’.

When my ex-husband went to New Zealand, he did not call me from there. When I came to know that they had left, I thought I would go to New Zealand after them and bring them back. Because my world had stopped at that time. That was such a big shock in my life that cannot be explained.

After some time I realized that no human being can be forcefully brought into his life. Also, running behind any human cannot be the purpose of life. Whose goal of my life was clearly visible.

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